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6 New Features That Are Every LinkedIn Marketer's Dream 

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Are you thinking about marketing on LinkedIn, but you are wondering if the site is even worth adding to your other social marketing campaigns? If you use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for all of your marketing campaigns, you haven't seen anything yet. LinkedIn is quickly becoming every marketer's dream. Here are six reasons why. 


1.    Companies Tab 

With the Companies Tab, you can find similar companies to yours and follow those companies to always keep up with their employees, their business practices and their product and service launches. What a way to keep up with your competitors without having to leave the site.


2.    Advertising On LinkedIn 

PPC advertising has never been so affordable. LinkedIn makes it easy to create and test ads for the most effective campaigns.


3.    Recommendations 

LinkedIn allows you to collect and provide recommendations. When you receive recommendations from other professionals in your industry, others viewing your profile will know that you are the real-deal.


4.    LinkedIn Answers 

With LinkedIn Answers, you can ask questions and provide answers to help with market research or show off your expertise. This is a great way to get noticed and rise above the pack.


5.    LinkedIn Events 

If you have a seminar, webinar, job fair, product launch or other important event coming up, why not blast it out to all of your connections with LinkedIn Events? Or you can use the Events application to get the word out.


6.    LinkedIn Polls 

If you need to conduct market research, LinkedIn Polls allows you to get inside the minds of your audience to see what they are thinking and to determine what problems they are facing. The information you gather can easily be turned into e-books; reports, white papers or they can even be turned into a complete Internet marketing package.

These are just some of the new features that every Internet marketer should know about who is thinking about entering the LinkedIn market.  For more information on this ever-growing network and for expert tips on how to take a LinkedIn profile from obscurity to the top and beyond, visit: [Insert URL Here]. 

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