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5 Ways to Make Money from HubPages  

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Every Internet marketer should include HubPages in with their other online marketing campaigns. There are many ways to earn with the social blogging platform that any marketer who isn't using it is leaving money on the table for sure. The following five points should prove to you that creating your own HubPages profile is both a good idea and a potentially lucrative one.


1.    Ad Revenue: With HubPages, you only have to enter the code from the various ad platforms you belong to in order to start earning from every hub you write. You can include Google AdSense and other network ads on your hubs and you just might pull in regular monthly income. 

2.    Amazon Affiliate: HubPages makes it easy to link your Amazon affiliate account to your profile. This allows you to sell relevant Amazon products with each hub you publish. 

3.    Affiliate Products: Affiliate marketers can use HubPages to pre-sell and sell their products for a nice commission. You can include multimedia like photos and videos and anything else that you think will help you do well. In fact, many affiliate marketers rely on HubPages for a lot of their traffic since the service is free and since the hubs seem to do so well when sending traffic to affiliate offers. 

4.    Links To Products And Services: For those who have their own products and services to sell, the social blogging platform will also do you a great service. Make sure your hubs are always a little bit on the long side and that they are as informative as possible. The more you put into your hubs, the more products and services you'll sell.  

5.    Video Ads: If you have your own YouTube channel with ads on each video, you can showcase those videos on your hubs for extra ad revenue. This is yet another way to make money with HubPages, but make sure you also use other video sharing sites besides just YouTube in order to bring in even more revenue over time. 

You now have five reasons to create a HubPages profile right now. As long as you have accounts with each of the ad networks and Amazon and as long as you promote your affiliate products, your own products and your YouTube and other videos properly, you'll soon see just how lucrative a HubPages venture can be.  


The next step is actually creating the articles that will bring you the traffic and attention over time. Make your hubs informative and keep the entries coming and you'll surely succeed. 


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