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5 Ways Facebook Marketing Can

 Help Your Business Succeed 

Marketing with Facebook 

If your business isn't listed on Facebook, you may be losing business. A recent study showed that most people would consider themselves dissatisfied with a business if they can't find that listing on social networks. And, since Facebook is considered one of the largest social networks that ever was, it only makes sense to join the other businesses are wish to retain their competitive edge. Yes, if you are in business today, Facebook marketing is a smart choice and inevitability if you want to get ahead. To illustrate the point even further, here are five reasons your business needs a Facebook marketing presence.  

1.    Go Where Your Customers Are 

With over 1.39 billion users and nearly half of those signing on daily, it is more than likely that a lot of people who might be interested in seeing your business listed on Facebook. In fact, they may be online right now as you read this. Just by creating a business page on Facebook, you could have immediate access to all of these individuals and their business.

2.    Familiarity Breeds Trust  

When people see your business posting regularly and they begin to see that there is a real person behind the business, it creates a stronger bond between your business and the customer. This helps to create long-lasting business relationships.

3.    Go Wherever Your Fans Go 

With Smartphones and Facebook apps, your business has never had so much immediate access to such a wide audience. Just imagine sending a coupon to your customers through Facebook and having them respond in droves almost immediately because they all received your coupon on their computers, tablet computers and phones. Talk about instant gratification.

4.    Better Customer Service  

You can actually engage in conversations with your customers on Facebook that others can see. When customers see that you handle questions, disputes and other communications with professionalism and promptness, they will be more likely to trust you. Your customers will feel that they can contact you anytime through your Facebook profile and that goes a long way towards keeping customers happy.

5.    Search Engines Are Paying Attention to Facebook Marketing  

The search engines are now responding to cues from social networks like Facebook. By posting your materials and having your materials passed around, your website will rank higher in the search engines. So not only do you have a chance to increase your business through Facebook traffic. But with the search engines now looking to Facebook to tell them what's relevant and valuable in this day and age, Facebook marketing just makes sense.

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