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5 Types of Video Marketing That

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Video marketing can be fun and exciting if you learn to switch it up. You will also appeal to your audience a lot more if you are able to create videos that are varied instead of creating the same videos time and time again. To help give you some ideas, here are five types of video marketing that will help you reach your target audience much faster. 

1.    The Face-To-Face: This is where you film yourself talking to your audience. This can be effective if you have a simple message to deliver and you want to do it quickly. This is probably the easiest type of video to create since you need nothing more than a video camera or mobile phone camera to create your various pieces. 

2.    Film At 11 : This is the newsroom type of video marketing. This is where you film a panel of people talking. This might include two people, four or even more. Just like the newsroom, the idea is to get a conversation started that will appeal to your audience directly. 

3.    Animation : This is where you take cartoon-like animation and show your audience what you're talking about. You don't have to be Walt Disney to create compelling animation video marketing pieces. You can use a program like PowerPoint to create animated slides that you can then convert into videos. 

4.    Screen Cast : This is where you take a video capture of your screen to show your audience how to follow certain steps. This is great if you are showing your audience how to operate a software program or for showing certain techniques that have to do with the computer and/or the Internet in general. This is also an incredibly easy type of video to make, as long as you find the right program to help you screen cast in style. 

5.    Combination:  The experts know that the best videos are a combination of two or more of the above options. You can, for example, start your video with a face-to-face introduction, introduce animation and a screen cast at certain times to get your point across. Don't create a jumbled video and instead make sure that your video marketing efforts flow seamlessly together. Your audience will appreciate the efforts and if done correctly, they'll get everything out of your videos that you wanted them to. 

Use one or more of the above options in your video marketing efforts and you'll always keep your audience engaged and ready to spend. 


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