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5 Top Facebook Marketing

 Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing with Facebook  

Facebook marketing seems easy enough. You simply create a Facebook business page, gather friends and the rest is history, right? Unfortunately, Facebook marketing is a lot more difficult than that, which you might know if you've ever tried your hand at it. To help you avoid the mistakes that most beginners make when using the platform and in order to maximize your success in as little time as possible, here are five of the top Facebook marketing mistakes you need to stay away from. 

1.    Not Familiarizing Yourself With The Platform  

You can't just jump into Facebook and hope to master it overnight or even in a few days or weeks. Because Facebook is constantly changing and evolving and because new features are added all the time, you owe it to yourself and your business to study Facebook and all the features available to you.

2.    Not Studying Your Fans  

Don't assume you know what your fans like and dislike. Once you have gathered a friend or two on your Facebook business profile page, head over to a few of their profile pages and pay attention to the things they like. You can't truly satisfy your customers if you don't know what they truly want. Facebook gives you a prime opportunity to gaze into your audience's daily lives, so be sure to take that opportunity and take it often.

3.    Not Studying Your Competition  

How are your competitors handling their Facebook marketing efforts? You should be studying your competitors' techniques while building off of them in order to create the ultimate Facebook Marketing presence.

4.    Not Making Full Use Of Facebook Marketing Features 

Knowing about the various Facebook features, such as Facebook ads, timeline, apps and more, isn't enough. You should be using every feature you can in order to reach out to your prospects and customers. With new features being added all the time, you can never truly run out of ways to use Facebook for marketing.

5.    Not Posting Regularly  

If your leave your profile dormant, your fans may soon forget about you and your websites won't gain the benefit of social sharing with the search engines. Instead, make it a point to post daily or at least every other day if possible. Regular posts contribute to better customer service, enhanced customer awareness and the search engines will reward any pages that are passed around on the social networking giant. 

These top mistakes are easy to make if you don't know what you are doing. For more expert Facebook Marketing tips that will help you ramp up your business almost immediately, visit [Insert URL Here]


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