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5 List Building Activities You Should Consider Outsourcing 


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Sometimes when you want something done right, you shouldn’t do it yourself!  Especially if you are an online marketer!  Your time is already consumed with launching campaigns, generating traffic, writing emails, and every other day-to-day activity essential to success.  Well, it may be time to reclaim some of your free time and let experts handle the tedious and time-consuming list building tasks.


Content Creation 


Writing articles, blogs, social media updates, web page copy and press releases is extremely time consuming.  And worse, it’s boring!  You don’t have to do this all yourself. In fact, you can find quality writers online who can create all your content for you and who are experts in SEO.  Do a simple online search for article writers and you will discover tons of quality sites that specialize in creating content.  Furthermore, some will even submit these articles to directories, social networking sites and even update your web site for you.


Video Marketing 


Just like with article writing you can outsource to someone who will create a video and upload it to all the popular video sharing sites.  Be sure to include a link to your opt-in form in the video description and a link in the video itself.




Some of the best lists building techniques focus on forums. Spend a little time locating the top forums in your niche and then hire someone to represent your business in these forums.  It should be someone who can accurately answer questions and reply to open threads.  Be sure that whoever you choose is proficient in your language of choice.  You can even have them create your profiles, just be sure to supply a link to your lead capture page in your forum signature.




One of the increasing popular ways to build a list is to use Twitter.  Twitter allows you to post quick updates to a selection of targeted people.  You can even post links to your blog post, affiliate products, or free gift.  Unfortunately, Twitter can also be very time consuming.  This is why you should consider outsourcing to someone who can update and maintain your profile information as well as create valuable tweets.




Trying to keep up with ever-changing social networking sites such as Facebook's recent conversion to allow iframes can be tricky.  But there is someone out there who is an expert in Facebook.  You can outsource to someone who can provide regular content for your and even design a custom page for your business. 



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