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5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips from

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LinkedIn surpassed 340 million users as of first quarter of 2015, and the number of professionals joining the network continues to grow by the day. If you want to try your hand at LinkedIn marketing, you are encouraged to do so since there is so much opportunity at hand, but be careful. There is lots of competition out there. To help you maximize your LinkedIn marketing efforts, follow these five tips from the experts. 

1.    Create A Headline That Demands To Be Clicked: This is not a time to be modest. Your LinkedIn profile should present you as the top dog in your field or top company. You really need to stand out to get ahead and it all starts with your profile headline. Your headline should include your expertise, your job title and your primary keywords all in a nice, concise little package. 


2.    Hire A Professional Photographer: You only get one chance at a first impression. When other professionals view your updates in their newsfeeds or click on your profile, your photo is usually one of the first things they see. If your profile photo isn't professional, you may lose out on all the opportunities that LinkedIn marketing can provide. Hire a photographer and don't take chances with your first impressions. 


3.    Maximize Your Connections: LinkedIn provides you with many ways to add to your contacts and connections list. You can search your email account address books for potential LinkedIn users, you can manually add email addresses and LinkedIn will even recommend people you might want to meet. But don't stop there. Look through your contacts and view their contacts. You never know when you might be one relationship step away from a new partnership, client or customer. 


4.    Join And Participate in Groups: LinkedIn groups are a terrific way to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings in your industry. You can mingle with other professionals in your field, including experts, and that is a great way to get noticed and ahead. As an extra tip, spend a little bit of time each day participating in various groups and people will soon take notice of your marketing efforts. 


5.    Keep Active: LinkedIn marketing won't work unless you keep posting on your profile. A dormant LinkedIn profile isn't going to do you a bit of good. An active profile is a successful profile; never forget that. 

These are only a few expert ‘LinkedIn marketing tips’ that will help you take your campaigns to new heights.  

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