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5 Info-Product Creation Tips to

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Zero Capital Profit With Information Products


If you are considering the creation of your own info-products, you have made a very wise decision. Billions of dollars are spent on info-products each and every year and the number continues to rise as info-products become more and more accepted. In fact, many people see info-products like e-books as being on the same level as hand-held books. But, before you start the info-product creation process, follow these five steps and you'll find the process easier and far more lucrative.  

1.    What Are Your Interests? 

If you are going to create an info-product, you had better know a little bit about the subject. The info-product you create will need to be about a subject you don't mind exploring extensively. If you choose a subject you are genuinely interested in, the process will be easier and far more enjoyable. The best way to do this is to make a list of your interests and choose the one you will want to research the most. 

2.    What Problems Are People Facing? 

Once you have your list of interests, find out what problems people are facing that have to do with that subject matter. For instance, if you know a lot about home improvement, you might want to know some common problems people are facing as they try to do some work on their homes. The best way to do this is to find some online forums and social networks and just pay attention to the conversations people have. What questions are they asking? Use the search function to find your audience and you will soon know where your services are needed most.  

3.    What Keywords Are They Using? 

Once you have a target audience picked out, you will want to find out what that group is searching for online. Using one of the free keyword research tools that are readily available online, find the keywords with high search volume and not very many competing websites. This will let you know what keywords within your subject matter that you will be able to rank for fairly easily with a little on and off-page search engine optimization.  

4.    Avoid The #1 Info-Product Creation Mistake 

If you are going to release an info-product, you must know that there is competition out there. In fact, you should get to know your competition well. You will want to know what products they are offering, what marketing techniques they are using, where they are finding the most success, where they are failing and what keywords they are using. There are free tools online that will allow you to glean this information and you can then use that information to make your info-product creation program and overall business more successful.  

5.    Buy Competing Products 

In addition to studying your competition, you should also buy their products. Most have a 30 or 60-day money back guarantee, so you can always get your money back if you want. However, many experts advise against this. Support your competitors, get to know them and use their info-product creation materials and overall message to make your own more effective. 

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