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5 Expert Tips to Increase Your

 Profits with Facebook


Marketing with Facebook  

Facebook marketing is incredibly popular today and for a good reason. With over 1.39 billion users, all signs point to right now as the time to be on Facebook with your business, as there is good chance your audience is on there. If you want to take Facebook marketing by storm and you want to increase your profits like never before, pay attention to these five tips from the pros. 

1.    Entice The Referrals  

To gain more traction on Facebook, you need plenty of new fans. Why not send your army of current fans out, to get more? How do you get them to go out and market for you? You can ask nicely, but a more effective tactic is to bribe them. Use a referral code and give your loyal customers a discount whenever they tell a friend.

2.    Free Is The Magic Word 

Everyone loves free and it's amazing how people will come out of the woodwork the moment they hear the word. If you want to attract more Facebook fans and loyal customers, give your audience something they can use and don't charge for it. An e-book, e-report or video tutorial series filled with tips, tricks and advice work best. Once you've hooked them with your free offer, that's when you can offer your up-sell item to really ramp up your profits.

3.    Don't Forget Your Keywords 

Remember to use your keywords in your posts, on your profile, in your Facebook ads, in the articles you share and on everything else. While Facebook posts don't show up in Google, Facebook does have its own search engine. But, Facebook will also 'recommend' your page to like-minded individuals. Use your keywords and use them often when Facebook marketing for better results.

4.    Get A Community Together  

Your Facebook business page should make your fans feel as though they're part of the club. Make your page interactive and get your fans involved. Have a video contest where your fans can upload their own content and you can pick the best one. This a great way to get everyone involved and they'll be more likely to stick around even after the contest is over. Facebook marketing is about being social. Form your own unique community with your fans and your competition won't stand a chance against you.

5.    Tie It All Together   

For best results while Facebook marketing, tie everything together; your website, your Facebook business page, your Twitter feed and any other online presence your business may have. Facebook is an excellent tool for marketing, but the platform really pops when you can create the ultimate Facebook experience. If you can create a completely new online atmosphere for your fans, visitors and customers, you will keep them on your page longer and they'll be more likely to convert.


These five Facebook marketing tips can be used by anyone to ramp up exposure and profits using the social network. If you want more Facebook marketing tips from the professionals, visit [Insert URL Here]

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