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5 Deadly Blogging Mistakes Costing You A Fortune


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Are YOU making the following mistakes that could be costing you a small fortune in your blogging business below?


Deadly Mistake #1: “Blogging For Dollars”


Some of the most profitable blogs are the ones that focus on growing a community in a niche market for people to come together, read your ideas, and share their own. I don’t know anyone who goes to a blog with the intent to buy “anything”.


So, why then are the most profitable blogs rarely have anything to do with the blogger him or herself making money; Because they focus on solving their READERS and subscribers problems. Do this, and the people will BEG to buy something from you. Anything. Too reward you for the value you consistently put out on your blog.



Deadly Mistake #2: “The Infamous Get-Rich-Quick Scheme”


Anyone and their Grandma can start a blog nothing special about that. So, why do people think starting a blog is a license to print money? It’s not.


Once you have your foundation laid out, it will take time to build yourself a reputation big enough to draw attention from your marketing efforts.


Deadly Mistake #3: “Whoopee! I Brought This Blogging Course And It Guarantees Success!”


Let me tell you something. Any one who “guarantees” you success want guarantees you’ll be foolish enough to give them your hard-earned money.  Because, the success of a blog is built around the person running it. That’s all. 


Deadly Mistake #4: “Invest In My Blog? You Must Be Crazy…”


You and I, share the same 24 hours in a day. Spending your time on what counts most -- content creation and marketing -- is where YOUR focus must lie.


Listen, the minute you get into doing programming, graphic design, and all that other stuffs you will never be 6-figure yearly blogger.


Solution? Get a few hired hands. It’s not expensive. $100-$200 will give your blog a distinctive and unique look that’ll stand out in a sea of copycat bloggers


Deadly Mistake #5: “Giving Up Easily”


You will always get out what you put into a blog. Even if you had a lucky break and had a major newspaper site pick up a blog post, it still takes effort and consistent marketing efforts to build momentum.


Avoid those 5 deadly blogging mistakes, and you’ll be one step ahead of competition.


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