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3 Ugly Myths About Membership Sites You MUST Know About (Or Else!)  


Massive Membership Site Profits


In this [article/blog post], I’m going to blow the doors open on 3 common myths about membership sites, starting with… 


Myth #1: Membership Sites Are Easy To Start, Low-Maintenance, And Require Very Little Work 


Seriously. Give this some thought: If you had an option to pay for your desire once, versus paying for the same desire multiple times every year, which option one would YOU pick?  




It’s BECAUSE of this your customers expectations will be “higher-than-average” and for good reason -- they’re paying the same price every month, so naturally they expect new content or an on-going service that MATCHES what they paid the month before -- and quite frankly… 


That’s no easy task. 


Don’t get me wrong, this can be FUN or a pain in the butt (depending on you and your own interest in the niche you're in), but it’s still work to maintain and look after. 


Myth #2: Get The Customer One Time And It’s Autopilot Income! 


This myth gets under my skin the most, because you’ll rarely see a sales page that claim to teach how to set-up a proper membership site tell you the truth, and the truth is… 


They drop out often, for reasons you can’t identify nor explain. 


Common reasons customers’ dropout is because the content wasn’t good enough, little to no interaction while a member, or it’s inconsistent with the promise they brought into in the first place. 


Regardless, the idea that you’ll never have to look for another customer is B.S because, the total “opposite” is true -- you must ALWAYS attract new customers because as older customers dropout faster than you think. 


Sure, there are ways to keep old customers on board for several months (even years) at a time (and there are plenty of “how to” courses out there that show you how), but when you’re just starting out chances are you’ll ease your way up to keeping more of your old customers. 


Myth #3: Membership Sites Is A Business Model… 


And nothing could be furthest from the “truth”, because… 


The membership model is a structure for product delivery and receiving payments using the “core” fundamentals of the business already in-place. It’s like an “add-on”.  


For example: if you don’t understand your target market, don’t give something to your market they WANT, and if your information is lacking in detail and quality -- a membership model won’t “magically” fix that. 


In other words, you can’t furnish your home without a place to stay, you can’t replace your wheels without a car to drive, and you can’t make money with a membership site without a solid foundation to build upon. 


For a more detailed, step-by-step instructional guide on how to maximize your profits using membership websites -- check out (Membership Site Profits) 


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