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3 Types of Mobile Marketing Campaigns 


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To say “Mobile marketing” is the next big thing is stating the obvious. With a spurt of smart phones in the last decade, reaching the desired client has become easier. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that smart phone may replace computers altogether in coming years. So, if you are a marketer and wish to ride this wave and actually gain out of it. You would need to embrace this trend and follow it diligently.


Here is a list of marketing campaigns that would help you gain an edge over your peers if followed well.


A)   Mobile based Internet Ads:  A no brainer actually, ads attract the users attention instantly. An ad is the best way to showcase your product and convey your message in about 30 secs and with great execution the effect is profound.

1)    Aids: This is an exclusive platform for Apple users, which gives an opportunity to display ads on various Apple products namely the iPhone, iPad etc.

2)    Google ads:  Google is a major search giant and a default website for the majority of us. Android users can make the most of Google ads as it offers an array of mobile advertising solutions.


B)   Subscription based mass-push marketing: You probably have heard how effective newsletters and subscription websites are, as they give a chance to the company to interact with the clients on a periodic basis and improve them as per the customer’s liking. 

1)    SMS Marketing: Hugely popular with beginning of 90’s sms marketing in today’s time is considered as spamming. But, with a little creativity you could make this opportunity money minting one.

2)    MMS Marketing: A little costly method than the traditional sms, mms is also one of the best ways to put your message across.

3)    Mobile Applications: Mobile apps are attractive, but they come with major restrictions mostly pertaining to type of handset, operating system and not to mention the cost that goes into making a mobile app. Unless of course you have a budget for it, you could stick to first two methods of mobile marketing.


C)   Location based marketing: People in today’s time are very much interested in syncing their offline lives with online ones and thanks to mobile connectivity; they can do it without much hindrance. For a mobile marketer it is an opportunity to connect to their target user and know them better. 

1)    Check-in services: We all understand how hugely popular are the “check in services” especially in youth using Foursquare and Facebook. Mobile marketers can use this to their benefit and reward each of patrons as and when they tag their brands or services. A ‘discount coupon’ or ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ offer is all you need to encourage your users to give your business a mention.

2)    Mobile Internet ads: Similar to “regular” online ads, it is again a lucrative way for advertising.


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