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3 “Can‘t-Fail” Techniques For Turning Your Blog Into A Massive Income Stream 

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I’ll save the introductions and dive straight into the “meat n’ potatoes” of this article so you can get up-and-going generating a massive blog income stream. 


Can’t-Fail Technique #1: Network Marketing Is Your Friend ---- Listen, you and I both know the bad rep network marketing companies get, but there are a lot more legitimate ones that work than do not. So… 


Here’s why you should choose network marketing as a blog income stream: Because you can build a relationship with your blog readers, causing a natural reaction to join you “effortlessly” in this residual income stream business.  


It’s easier to grow a network marketing business online when people are asking to for what YOU have to offer -- and, in a world where content is king, people will join your business if they perceive you an expert, and… 


What better way to be perceived as an expert than to write content for your blog? 



Can’t-Fail Technique #2: Affiliate Marketing Is Your Buddy ---- You don’t need me to break down the reasons why THIS “can‘t-fail“ technique works. So, I’ll just say this… 


Affiliate marketing is a watered down version of network marketing and direct sales (next technique below) where, you generally make commissions on “one-time-sales”. 


Generally, it works the same. Pick a product you can stand by that, preferably, you’ve tried and offer it to your readers. 



Can’t-Fail Technique #3: Direct Sales Is Your Life Partner ---- I saved the best for last (and my personal favorite).  


I’ve learned over the years that selling a $1,000 to $5,000+ product or service takes just as much, if not LESS, effort to market and sell than it does a lower ticked product. 


For some, it’s hard imagining people are willing and able -- in this economy -- to pay that kind of money, but you have to look at who your target readership audience is and find out what high-ticket item -- if any -- fits that market.  


But, no matter which technique you choose… 


You better darn well BELIEVE in what you’re offering to your blog readers. I don’t care if commissions are only $10 bucks or $5k a pop, if YOU don’t believe it will benefit your readers, don’t risk ruining your reputation by selling junk for a quick buck.


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