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2 Little Known Price Tricks To Maximize & Boost Your Membership Website Profits


Massive Membership Site Profits


The price you charge to join your membership will MAKE or BREAK you, or earn you a 5-6 figure monthly income -- almost that quickly. 


I’ve seen people who have the highest quality content, theBEST marketing campaign, and have the strongest target niche market that will devour everything they touch fail, but if you get the pricing wrong, it could turn into a disaster just as fast as you thought it would be a surefire homerun. 


If it’s “too high”, it’ll put potential members off (especially when compared to other places where the content may be of higher or better quality). It’ it’s “too low”, you might get a ton of subscribers, but will barely break-even and marketing costs will eat into your profit margins. 


Solution? There is but only oneTEST! TEST! AND TEST SOME MORE! 


“Okay”, you would say. “Other than the obvious, what other solutions will maximize my membership subscriptions and keep profits high without my sacrificing subscriber base? 


Good question. 


Here’s a few pricing tricks I discovered to boost subscriber rates and increase profits at the same time below: 


Price Trick #1: “Exclusive Content Rules” -- And…the more exclusive it is, the more you can charge (supply & demand). You’ve seen examples of this with consistently winning stock traders like Timothy Sykes or Vince Stanzione. 


Price Trick #2: “Beware Of Psychological Price Barriers” -- It’s better to charge $14.95 than $15, or $19.95 instead of $20.  


Don’t ask why. I don’t know. All I DO know is that it “works” and, the difference is small, yet significant enough to mention here. 


Also, a little bonus freebie… 


You can offer “trials”, but make sure you get CREDIT card details (not debit) and tell the customer before the trial starts they agree to pay AFTER the trial is over unless you receive written instruction NOT to do so. 


For a more detailed, step-by-step instructional guide on how to maximize your profits using membership websites -- check out (Membership Site Profits) 


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