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10 Tips for Better LinkedIn Marketing  

Turbo Charge Your Business with Lindedin

If you want to succeed with LinkedIn marketing, it is important to become familiar with the site and get used to all the new features and nuances that can help you reach out to more people, advertise better and boost your reputation in your field. To help you achieve all of the above and more, here are ten tips to help get you started on your upcoming LinkedIn marketing campaign. 

1.    Create A Compelling Headline  

When compared side by side with a competitor, your headline should draw the attention and the click. Your headline should showcase your experience, expertise and keyword all in one tight little package. Get this one right and you will enjoy far more profile views than anyone else competing against you.

2.    Upload a Professional Photo 

Your photo should be professional and should adequately represent you or your business. If you don't have any professional photos of yourself, consider hiring a professional photographer. It will be well worth it.

3.    Upload Your Resume, CV, and Letters of Recommendation  

Your resume is already optimized with your skills, education and experienced placed forefront and center. Upload this information to LinkedIn and supercharge your profile by showing that you are the best in your field.

4.    Expand Your Network 

Take advantage of all the ways LinkedIn allows you to expand your network. Let the site search your email account address books, enter email addresses manually, request introductions from others and let LinkedIn recommend others you may want to connect with. Don't just blanket expand your network. Be a little choosy, but do try to expand your network with quality professionals every chance you get.

5.    Follow Your Competitors  

Don't be left in the dark about what your competitors are up to. Follow companies and professionals and use LinkedIn Signal to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings within your industry.

6.    Use LinkedIn Applications 

LinkedIn allows you to put various applications on your profile that will boost your profile's effectiveness and overall image. For instance, allows you to put downloadable content on your profile, Google Presentations allows you to host videos on your profile, and that is just two of them.

7.    Host Events 

With LinkedIn Events, or the Events app, you can announce your events and blast that announcement to everyone in your professional network. Do you have a product launch, seminar or webinar coming up? Make sure everyone knows about it using these exciting new LinkedIn features.

8.    Answer Questions 

With LinkedIn Answers, you can showcase your expertise and help others with their problems, which will help provide you with a big boost in your reputation.

9.    LinkedIn News 

It is always a good idea to keep up with the latest happenings on LinkedIn. You never know when a new feature will be added that will help to boost your profile or image. Keep up-to-date with LinkedIn and always stay two steps ahead of any competitors.

10. Join Groups 

LinkedIn Groups allow you to mingle with other professionals and experts in your field. On a social network for professionals, this is where things truly get social. If you want to reach out more, connect with more like-minded people and make a difference on LinkedIn, join a few groups and enjoy the ride.

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