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10 Things to Tell Your HubPages Outsourcer  

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You've paid someone to write and submit your HubPages articles. Are you sure the person is going to do a good job? The following will help you earn more revenue, attract more attention and succeed overall with a good HubPages freelance writer.  

1.    Go Long: The best HubPages are the ones that are packed with information. Don't expect to produce stellar results with a 250-word hub. Even 400-500 words are running a little short. Think 1000 words or more if you expect to make a splash in the HubPages community.  

2.    Break Them Up: Nobody wants to read a block of text with no breaks in between. Tell your outsourcer to break up your content with sub headers, multimedia, affiliate links, ads or anything else. This makes the content easy to read and it introduces a few revenue-generating functions that will always help the ambitious marketer.  

3.    Utilize All HubPages Functions: HubPages allows you to insert multimedia, Amazon wish lists, images and lots more. Tell your outsourcer to use every element he/she can so that your hubs always stand out. 

4.    Inform, Educate And Entertain: Make sure your outsourcer does plenty of research so that your hubs are as informative as possible. If your audience always comes away from your hubs feeling as though they learned something, or they laughed or expressed some other feeling or emotion, you'll know that your outsourcer has done his/her job in making a true impact. 

5.    Include Links: The person you are paying to write your HubPages articles should include links to your webpage or other landing page. Every article you write is yet another backlink to your various Internet marketing campaigns.  

6.    Test All Links: Your outsourcer should be testing every link to make sure they work before each hub is published. 

7.    Multimedia Is A Must: Never publish a hub without photos, images and videos. This helps your HubPages articles stand apart and your audience will get much more from each one. 

8.    Link Ad Services To Your HubPages Account: Your outsourcer should have the codes to each of your ad accounts so that you can earn from every article published.  

9.    Include Links To Each Hub: Your outsourcer should provide you with a spreadsheet or some other resource where links are included for each HubPages article published. This will allow you to keep tabs on the outsourcer's progress. 

10. Keep On Writing: If you hope to generate traffic and revenue from HubPages, your outsourcer needs to be prepared to write tons of hubs. Make sure the person is up for the job and in it for the long haul for best results.  

Your outsourcer needs to know the name of the game if you hope to succeed. For more HubPages advice from the experts, visit [Insert URL Here]. 


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