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10 Ideas for Info-Product

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Zero Capital Profit With Information Products

Info-product creation is taking the world by storm. By creating various types of info-products, an entrepreneur can go from concept to publication to selling those products in a matter of weeks. But the right types of info-products must be developed. For those who are unsure of which types of products to create, the following ten info-product creation ideas should help to get some of those creative ideas flowing for optimal business success. 

Info-Product Creation Ideas  

1.    E-Book:  Many people these days consider e-books to be as valuable as physical books you can hold in your hand. That is good news for any potential writers out there who have extensive information to share that others may benefit from. 

2.    E-Report: Shorter and less informative than an e-book, an e-report is still a good way to convey information and establish oneself as an authority over the subject matter at hand. 

3.    Video Tutorial Series: Some people don't like to read and for these individuals, nothing beats video. With free, open-source video editing software, anyone can craft an informational video that potential customers will love to watch. 

4.    Email Tutorial Series: By using an email-marketing platform, one can set pre-programmed email messages to go out at certain times in order to deliver a series of valuable e-lessons.  

5.    Webinar: Hosting a virtual seminar is a great way to establish preeminence over one's field and is also a great way to find more leads, customers and business partners.  

6.    Business Blueprint: These days people are lazy. They often want things done for them. Take all the work out of starting a business by giving customers step-by-steps instructions for success. 

7.    Process Map: By laying out the process of an action-based business plan, all the guesswork is taken out of entrepreneurship. Make things extremely easy on customers and those customers will always come back for more.  

8.    Checklist: Show your customers the exact steps to take by allowing them to check each item of a highly structured list. Again, make things easy. 

9.    Workbook: Include workbooks with your info-products so that customers can keep track of their results as they progress through the program.   

10. Whitepaper:  Providing extensive information, especially technical information, is a great way to build trust, relevancy and brand awareness with one's audience.  

Info-product creation can involve one of the above items or all ten can be combined to create the ultimate value. To learn all about info-product creation from concept to creation to marketing, sales and beyond, visit: [Insert URL Here]


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